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Добавить описание нуля, а то скучно

Гайдук, 19.03.2015, 19:55
Статус идеи: выполнено


Georg, 29.04.2017, 12:41
Probably I can give some point of view about that problem. Excuse me, that I don't know russian, but you are free to translate my post and remove original if you want.

Is zero = nothing?

Namly a explication what zero could represent. This explication has its own shortages but it represents the situation somewise.

Take our decimal number system for instance and compare it with egg-box. With that difference that our box has 9 instead of 10 places for eggs. When the box is empty that is zero. We all instinctivly know that zero represents something, so in our example it will be the egg-box. So, we have zero, that is our empty egg-box, we have maximal number of eggs in that box that is 9, and whole number inculding the box and eggs and that is 10. Now we put our egg-box in some larger carton, again with 9 places. This carton in pallete with 9 places. The analogy is held, but we could see that zeros aren't the same. Zero on first position behind the one is egg-box, on second position carton, on third pallete and on fourth truck. We could go further but this is enough for representation.
PS: By the way, dividing by zero according to this. It is dividing the truck into palletes and we see that is not possible without DESTRUCTION of the system on which we stand (use).

I hope I brought to you an interesting story for one afternoon, and opened new matematical-philosophical horizonts.

With regards.
D.L., 20.12.2018, 15:08

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